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Our Process

Client-centric Approach: We help our clients grow by assisting them in reaching their overall goals. We do this not only by providing direct access to reliable and dependable capital via our Capital Solutions but also by providing value-added Advisory Services designed to assist our clients in realizing their specific objectives.

The Challenge: With increased banking regulations and overall tighter lending parameters, small to middle-market companies find it increasingly difficult to access capital through traditional bank debt. It is often extremely challenging for a company to find an acceptable capital solution which is customized for its specific needs. Of course, selecting the wrong lender or equity partner can lead to a myriad of longer-term problems.

Our Solution: We focus first on understanding our client’s short-term and long- term goals. Beyond simply a source of cash, we seek to offer a time-sensitive and custom solution designed to meet your goals. Our priority is to offer a timely, responsive, and fair solution which is rewarding for all stakeholders.

Our Process: We select and invest in established, profitable companies that meet certain criteria. We carefully assess the following:

Strength of the Management Team

The company’s business plan

External & internal risk factors

Historical & projected financial performance

We target investments in companies with experienced and proven management teams with a history of growing value and building positive cash flows. We place a high priority on the overall strength of the client’s management team and our ability to form a solid and effective relationship with that team.

We understand the challenges of successfully raising strategic capital. We are committed to a well structured, timely, and responsive process.

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